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Defining Search Differently


Our Diagnostic & Strategic Consulting Process
A Greater Return on Investment in Human Capital

Rhodes’ Search Process:

Rhodes begins with a highly diagnostic and strategic consulting process. This provides an in-depth and realistic understanding of the Client’s organizational structure and business strategy, both culturally and professionally. The result is a more successful search/consulting process, a higher rate of assignment completion and candidate retention, and a greater return on investment in human capital.

Diagnostic & Strategic Consulting Phase:

Organizational Requirements
  • Strategic consultants to our Clients – develop an understanding of our Client’s business strategy.
  • What is the current organizational structure, culturally and professionally?
  • How does the current organizational structure impact overall business strategy?
  • How does the current organizational structure and culture impact the success of their business?
  • Determine the key issues structurally or strategically that have either held the company back or enhanced their success.
  • Understand the competitive landscape in which the Client operates.
  • What is the market’s perception of the firm in terms of its history, success and culture?
  • Is there is a history of turnover or stability and why?
  • How effective is the organizational structure and business strategy versus their competition?
  • What are the attributes that allow the firm to be successful?
  • Define the strategic changes required in order to become more competitive as well as improve market position, success and profitability.
Solutions/ Recommendations
  • Define the organizational changes that would be required to improve their market position, success, and profitability as well as improve their structure culturally and professionally.
  • Recommend changes in the current organizational structure which would improve corporate synergy, and help deliver a higher level of performance, profitability, and return on investment.

Search Process:

Search Definition
& Strategy
  • Define Client Need
  • Develop Position Specification
  • Plan Search Strategy
  • Initiate Research
Candidate Development
  • Initial Candidate Identification & Evaluation
  • Benchmark Candidate(s)
  • Refine Position Specifications
  • Continue Research
Review Progress
  • Research Meeting to Review Progress
  • Evaluate Results of Candidate Interviews
  • Restrategize Research & Fine-tune Specifications
  • Continue with Interviews
Select Finalist,
Negotiate & Close
  • Select Finalist(s), Complete References
  • Negotiate Compensation, Extend Offer
Post Search
Follow Up
  • Monitor Acceptance, Resignation & Start of Employment
  • Follow-up with Client
  • Follow-up with Successful Candidate

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